Whitehouse Interiors strive to achieve design excellence and superior style on every project.


Specialists in contemporary design our residential portfolio is ever evolving and changing with the needs and desires of our ever growing client base.


 Primarily catering to the needs of boutique commercial dwellings, we create interiors to attract and maximise your brand potential in your premises.



Creating unique boutique hotels and guest houses we invent inviting and luxurious spaces to unwind, dine and relax for the ultimate indulgence experience. 

Design Brief -

After meeting for an initial consultation Principle Designer Sarah will prepare a design brief for you the client to review. This will outline the key areas for the needs of your project. It will contain what you have advised your needs are and give any advice or recommendations pre design stage also. Once this is agreed then a Fee Proposal Document and Terms and Conditions of Contract are sent out to be agreed. 

Design Service Levels - 

We work with stages of design in terms of our fee proposals which is agreed after the brief has been drafted. 

Typically they are as follows and dependent on the size or scale of the project may be added to or reduced as required. These stages have hourly allocations set out as part of the agreement. 

Stage One- Concept 

Stage Two - Layouts 

Stage Three - Design Selection/Moodboards

Stage Four - Budget and Costings

Stage Five - Final Decisions 

Stage Six - Supply/Product Sourcing

Stage Seven - Project Management 

We don't like unexpected bills and nor do our clients so should the design fee time be reached and final decisions not be concluded for each stage then we will advise prior to engaging in any more time so you are in full control of your budget at every stage.


We also offer a personal shopping experience, this is so you can be part of the decision making process as it happens and get out and view showrooms to walk through your options. This service can be charged either hourly or daily depending on the time required.