We typically advise our projects start with a minimum £50000.00 budget to get value for money from your Interior Design Fees. However the hourly services are available for projects of under this size. 

We can source better quality products, more exclusive designs, bespoke furniture for areas that may struggle with high street suppliers and give a sense of individuality to your project that you may struggle with alone.  

Not only that but often we can pass on portions of trade discounts that would otherwise not be available to you, ensuring that you are actually saving as opposed to spending. This alone can cover the cost of your design fees over the project total and balances the final outlay against the style and function you will have achieved in your design. 

Lastly is you get access to out contacts book, this in itself can be invaluable. Hiring builders and tradesmen can be very intimidating if you haven't had to go through the process before, and finding reliable good quality businesses can be daunting. We have access to many local and national companies whom we have worked with successfully and by employing a designer you already have the vetting process carried out. All tradesmen are fully insured and quality checked before they are recommended to you ensuring peace of mind. 



Finding out what design service costs are can be like walking into the unknown when considering do you need the help and input from an Interior Designer, and can actually be a major factor in why people will not even call to ask.

This is why at Whitehouse Interiors we decided to be a little more open as to what you can expect and what exactly you will get for your money. 

Consultations - 

Firstly our initial consultation is FREE for up to one hour and within a 15 mile radius of our offices. This will only debrief the designer as to your requirements and allow the team to go away and prepare a design brief and fee proposal for your project. 

Many people assume that a designer will walk around throwing a million ideas out there within this time and sadly that will not be what you get in this first meeting. It will give the designer an opportunity to understand your needs, your ideal, and your budget. 

The ideas bit you do have to pay for (otherwise we wouldn't be able to make any money) 

Design Fees - 

We generally advise that your design fees start from 5% of your budget, depending on what level of service is agreed. 

If you don't have a big project in mind, and just require some styling or colour palette ideas you may only need an hour or two of design brainstorming. We work this on an hourly fee and can include advice on furniture layouts, general ideas or purchases you with to make from the high street but are unsure before you place any orders. It can also include meeting builders and discussing simple projects where a full design isn't required. 

This level of service is charges at £120 per hour (plus VAT)  

Project Management Fees - 

We offer full project management services also and will depend on the level of management required. This are per project but generally come in around 10% of your budget.