A young family home gets a signature look.


We were drafted in to help out on an extension project for a young and growing family. The architect had created a basic layout that wasn't working with the dream of open plan living the family hoped for. We sat and worked through the options and with some re-configuing we opened up the layout to give them everything on their wish list. 



Gallery Style Living


Our clients came to us after they downsized from a much larger property and wanted a way to create a feeling of space and connected living on one floor. This client had a desire for a unique library arrangement within her main living area with the ability to display art and chinaware. We created a vibrant lofty space that will be comfortable yet fresh feeling environment to occupy. 



Working with existing features


Our clients live in a mock tudor property with a very large fireplace taking dominance in the room. They wanted to create a snug media room for relaxing in, but struggled to make contemporary choices with such a traditional element to consider. We created a blended design to give the decor choices that toned down the features and made the area feel more to their own personal taste.


This full house refurbishment was completed in early 2016. The property was completely transformed into a lavish contemporary space, with super stylish design features. 

The main focal points of the property boasts the clients desire for a floating oak and glass stair, and the WOW factor floating bed in the Master Suite.  

 The ground floor is completed with an open plan Kitchen/Diner that opens out onto a sleek patio with bi-fold doors giving the ultimate party pad. 

This is our showcase for our specialism. Space Planning is one of the things we do best at Whitehouse Interiors. We have been brought in by clients when they have dysfunctional, or extended property that no longer works for their uses. Even new designs from architects may not hit the sweet spot in terms of delivering everything on the working space wish list. 

We can evaluate your property and designs and look at what may work better for you. This then gives you the opportunity to make decisions before even instructing builders or making any changes as to the best solutions. 

Planning Ahead 


Part of what helps clients have the confidence in investing in a project or a property is being able to see its potential. By creating a photo realistic virtual world they have the ability to view the dream before it is a reality, but also realise that they can be brave enough to try something with daring design to see if it works before any financial commitments take place with contractors. 

This is where our expert team of visualisers come into play. Once we have our scheme and layouts we can create a virtual world for approval. From here it lets us make changes, alter dimensions, see the flow of space and really see what works and what doesn't. 

It's almost foolproof design. Saving money costly mistakes and giving absolute information for all tradespeople to follow and understand how the end result is intended to be.